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May 31, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

TAC - Wow, where did Aidan get that idea from? Funny how the next post after this is about the pool, way to bring it all together! I now remember that my younger nephew said that my sister had to open her mouth REAL big so that his new sister could come out. He was 4 at the time! Hilarious!


I'm driving home from the pool last summer with the boys when out of Aidan's mouth comes "Mom, when a Mommy has a baby does it come out of her vagina?" After picking my mouth off of the floor (since it really came out of nowhere), I answer, "Well, yes it does." I'm all ready for more questions, but not the obvious one he asked next. "Wow, does that hurt?" After a bit of silence on my end I say "It sure does!" And, we've not had any other questions since then!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Dee -
Thanks for commenting! Cute story about the eggs. I am surprised you don't have more stories since the boys were older when you had your girl (I don't use names unless others do!) I've used the "Mommy and Daddy have to decide they want a baby and then it starts growing" line also. And I forgot, I never had to explain how the baby came out because I had c-sections and could just say they cut my belly!!


Surprisingly, I don't have very many funny stories on this topic. The boys have both asked, but seemed ok with the response, "When Mommies and Daddies love each other very much, they have a baby". Of course I think that prompted, "then why don't so-and-so have a baby, don't they love each other?" Not sure how I got out of that one. One story on a related topic: When I was pregnant with the baby, the boys and I used to look at a book that would show pictures of the growth of the baby from the beginning, all the way through to the birth. They asked how the egg got in there in the first place, and we said that girls have them from the time they are born. So, after our baby was born, we're marveling at her eyes, her hair, her tiny feet, and Erick said, "She has all her eggs already!".

Lori at Spinning Yellow

I have to add the first comment because Matt thinks this post made him look like a jerk. Just to clarify, in case anyone else thought so, I was merely attempting (not well, I guess) to be funny. I put in the part about Matt training when I had to go to Perkins on my birthday to highlight the fact that I was already in a bad mood and frazzled. Not to say that he was a lousy husband for not being there, or that I thought he was selfish to be training on my birthday. Neither thought crossed my mind.

Actually, just the other day, Matt was joking about how when he hears the phrase "he's not getting enough" it only brings one thing to mind. Isn't it fair to poke (pun intended) fun back?

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