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April 12, 2007



Yes I would. And I do on a regular basis. My bonerifyd has no children of his own, but his mother did a wonderful job raising him. I consider the source and sometimes ask how he came up with the ideas that he has. Sometimes I agree and follow his advice. Other times I think in the back of my mind Maybe some day when you have children, you will understand why that idea is totally unreasonable. Then I go on with my life. Every opinion is important and I am glad that people admit what kind of source they are. I feel that I have given good advice about twins, sons, and autistic children a few times. Not because I have any of these, but because I have spent enough time around them to figure out what works for me and to pick up on what works and doesn't work for their parents.


I hear you! When Dallas got up at 5 in the morning and was wandering around in the snow and couldn't get back in the house b/c he was half asleep, the doctor's like, um, yeah, I talked to Dallas and he's like really smart. Gee thanks Doc-you're a real big help.


You are Scott's best advocate. If you can share all that you have learned about SPD with only one other parent, you will have potentially saved another child. Hang in. You will be heard ...keep on keeping on!

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