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April 15, 2007



Hey Lori,

I think...oops! You write very well, no worries there! Robin is at our house four nights a week - I see her maybe three of those nights. I could ask her to give you a few pointers. She's in the Master's program at Harvard for literature with a focus on editing. Let me know.



Hope all is well in your new world! Still trying to comment. I'm told it's my browser so I am trying from work (can't make that a habit though!)



I just wanted to tell you...oops...stop worrying about your writing skills! You are really quite good and have an incredible voice. You should worry about adding the links we discussed so more people can appreciate and read your blog! xxxoooxxxooo...me

Barb Laurenson

You really are very funny! Thanks for a great night's reading.

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